For years, the diet and weight loss industry promised amazing weight loss results through a variety of methods.

Whether calorie counting, numbered food exchange programs, a special exercise or an easy pill, enough people get pulled in by miracle claims to fuel an industry making over $30 billion per year.

Unfortunately, however, the dismal weight loss statistics speak for themselves. Regardless of all the hype, here are the results:

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has noted obesity as a global epidemic.1
  • The United States has the highest rate of obesity worldwide, with obesity affecting over one third of American adults.2
  • Statistics show that 80-90% of dieters regain every pound.3
  • Childhood obesity is on the rise. Obesity among children has more than doubled and obesity among teens has more than tripled in the past two decades.4

The manufactured food industry is fighting back by coming up with solutions for low-calorie foods and even foods that suppress hunger!

But this is NOT the answer. Finding artificial solutions that trick your body into doing something it’s not inclined to do is not a solution for long-term health, weight loss or weight maintenance.

In fact, there are some natural weight loss solutions that DO work…but the weight loss industry would rather you didn’t know.

Why? Because when you learn these secrets, you will stop fueling an industry that has never been able to deliver on its promise.

The Weight Loss “Problem”

For too long, scientists and the diet industry have tried to make weight loss a complex system of numbers – calories, hours of exercise, grams and measurements of food. On the other hand, the media is busy tempting you with the latest and greatest processed foods.

It’s been drilled into your head that “you can’t eat just one.” In fact, eating for many of us, has become so mindless that we do it while multi-tasking: watching TV, working, talking on the phone and driving.

While our food and eating habits have changed, our bodies are still the same as they were hundreds of years ago. Is it possible that our modern lives have outpaced our lifestyle and food habits?

The answer is yes.

We are putting things into our bodies and doing things in our lives that actually STOP digestion, damage digestive health and drain our energy and immunity.

But there are some solutions. And I’m going to be honest here…these are not quick fixes. These are solutions that require you to make changes in your life. The changes are not always easy at first, but if you take them one at a time and you don’t hold yourself accountable to being rigidly, 100% perfect, you’ll be on your way to lasting results and better health.

The Natural Weight Loss Solution

Here are the 5 Weight Loss Secrets for Lasting Results & Your Best Health:

  • Eat right – This sounds like nothing new, right? But what does it really mean to eat right? Eating right is simply about making choices to include plenty of fresh whole foods in your diet. If it comes in a box, can or package – or if you picked it up from the fast food window — it’s likely a processed food.
    [highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]Processed foods are full of fake ingredients, chemicals and toxins that impede your healthy digestion, rob you of nutrients you need for health and energy and often, make you want to eat more.[/highlight]
    To learn more about how and why eating right is a natural weight loss secret, read:  Six Foods to Eat and Avoid for Your Best Detox Diet.
  • Exercise– Everyone from doctors to nutritionists to your friend next door will agree that exercise is key to weight loss and healthy weight maintenance. Exercise helps to beat inflammation (the culprit behind all disease), build muscle and burn fat.I’m not going to recommend that you pick up the latest exercise fad here. What I am going to ask you is what do you love to do? Find out what kind of exercise you really like first. Don’t worry about how many calories you’ll burn or whether you can measure your exercise intensity. Simply focus on moving your body in a way that you love – and that feels like the right pace for you.Instead of pushing yourself, motivate yourself to do some kind of movement that you love each day or a few days per week. Start small and build from there. If you focus on creating a routine for a lifetime, you will avoid that all or nothing mentality that often comes from a short-term weight loss program.
  • Support your immunity and your digestive health. Did you know that obesity has been linked to bad bacteria in your gut? And viral infections?One study found that “obese humans and mice had a lower percentage of a family of bacteria called Bacteroidetes and more of a type of bacteria called Firmicutes.”Another study found that 30% of obese people had antibodies to a virus that caused them to store fat. This study looked at what is being called “infectobesity” and the fact that weight gain is not simply about calories and exercise.Improving your digestive health and immunity are two of the biggest health and weight loss secrets of our time! Anything that takes away from your digestive health and immunity takes away from your ability to be naturally slim.
    Most of the processed foods, diets and pills on the market today take away from your digestive health and immunity.
    To correct your digestion, you can use some tools in addition to your healthy diet. The key is, these tools are made from whole foods, they are all natural and they work to boost both your digestive health and your immunity:

    • Probiotic liquids – Naturally fermented, probiotic liquids are full of good bacteria and yeast (probiotics) native to the healthy human digestive tract. These probiotics help to boost your immunity, aid your digestion, build energy, reduce cravings for sugar and carbs and multiply the nutrients in your food. Two of our favorites at PureBalance Natural Health Center are Green Rhino Probiotic Liquid and Pro-Belly-Otic. GreenRhino has a naturally sweet taste and is a great on-the-go energizer. Pro-Belly-Otic is excellent for your liver and skin.
      To learn more about the power of probiotic liquids for natural weight loss, read:  Six Foods to Eat and Avoid for Your Best Detox Diet.
    • Jade ChlorellaJade Chlorella is one of the oldest foods on the planet. Considered a superfood, chlorella is a complete source of vitamins and minerals that helps to heal your digestive system, rid your body of bad bacteria and yeast and pave the way for the good bacteria and yeast your body needs. A great detoxifier, chlorella is a powerful tool for heavy metal detox and for better elimination.
    • Seigen AlphaSeigen Alpha is another key support for your digestive health and immunity. This powerful product is a biofermentic probiotic metabolite complex that goes beyond a probiotic. Full of important B vitamins, amino acids, minerals, fatty acids and isoflavones, Seigen Alpha helps improve your metabolism, digestion and absorption of nutrients. It can also improve the issues often linked to weight gain: your stress response, mood, memory and sleep.
  • Detoxify – Detoxification is very important in today’s world, when we are bombarded by over 123 chemicals each day. Since toxins store in your fat cells, it makes sense that detoxifying your body would help you with your weight loss goals. At the same time, detoxification helps boost your immunity and your digestive health. To learn more, read: Fall into Health: The 4 Steps to Great Health Through Detoxification.
  • Love yourself– Of all the weight loss secrets, this may just be the most important one. When you think of yourself, what thoughts do you have? Are you calling yourself things like fat, ugly, not good enough? Think about it…all that beating up on yourself just serves to drain your energy and weigh you down, doesn’t it? Instead, write a few affirmations, like “I deeply love and accept myself.” Catch yourself in negative thoughts and replace them with loving, positive thoughts and see what happens.Loving yourself also means taking time for yourself. Time to stop for your meals, to chew thoroughly, to focus only on one thing at a time, to give yourself time to rest and relax.


If you choose just one of these five secrets and begin today – the best way you know how – and add over time, you will be developing a lifetime of healthy habits toward your ideal weight.



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