Over the next few weeks, many of the young adults I’ve been seeing in my practice for upwards of 10 years will be leaving for college. I have proudly watched them grow up and accomplish many great things. Although most of the parents with whom I’ve spoken are ready for their children to leave the nest, they frequently ask what they can do to help their children remain healthy while away at school.

Like their parents, I’m concerned about the traditional college campus lifestyle where fast food is king; soda and caffeine are used as stimulants to help fight the need for sleep, and alcohol consumption is used to numb the stress. At the same time, I know it’s unrealistic to believe that college students will fill their plates with broccoli at every opportunity. That’s why nutritional supplementation is a simple and affordable way to bridge the dietary gaps and keep your child’s immune system vibrant and strong. Think of it as a College Survival Kit.

While we know important nutritive components will either be missing or limited in the average college student diet, I’d like to focus on the essential role of greens, fats, and probiotics in fostering strong immunity and mental clarity. A concentrated, green-superfood supplement will not only provide some of the needed four to six daily servings of greens, but also essential vitamins and minerals that alkalize the body. Fish oil will lubricate their brains with the proper fats, which will enhance and improve concentration. Fish oil also is vital for boosting immunity, especially during the winter.

Probiotics are the single best supplement for your college student’s optimal immunity. The beneficial bacteria will help remove the unwanted sugars and refined carbohydrates from the intestinal tract while selectively protecting the intestines from the types of yeast and bacterial infections that foster colds, flu or food poisoning.

The PureBalance College Survival Kit consists of proprietary formulas of PureBalance Living Fiber, Pure Fish Oil, and Florabalance, which will provide your child with the real competitive advantage necessary for success in collage, as well as the ability to remain vibrant, focused and healthy throughout the school year.

A healthy diet, proper rest, staying hydrated, getting appropriate exercise, and whole food supplementation are the best tools anyone can use to restore or maintain health, no matter what their age or stress level. But if you can’t get your college students to take the supplements for the immune-boosting benefits, be sure to let them know that Pure Balance Living Fiber and Florabalance have the added benefit of hangover relief when they drink responsibly! The B-vitamins in Living Fiber help keep the brain hydrated and the probiotic bacteria will consume the sugars before they speed the dehydration process. For best results take 2-3 capsules of Living Fiber and 1 capsule of Florabalance before going out. Upon return, take the same dosage again with at least 12 ounces of filtered water. Be sure to encourage them to eat a high protein breakfast, such as eggs, in the morning!

This month, we have a Back-to-School special on the PureBalance College Survival Kit. Stock up and make sure the health and well-being of your children will be protected while they’re away from home.


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