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I wanted to share a great testimonial from our patient Pat W.  regarding the New Weight Loss Program at PureBalance:

 “I began following the Paleo program (grain-free eating) in 2012 when I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic.  Over the course of 9 months, I lost 67 pounds.  When the holidays rolled around at the end of 2013, I started eating sugar again, and I wasn’t exercising as much.  My plan was to start fresh in January.  However, I found it very hard to stop eating sugar and I began putting on weight again. I am in the middle stages of menopause, so my body is changing.  The previous ways I used to lose weight were no longer working.  It was pretty frustrating to be out of touch with what was going on in my body.  Then I learned about the new program at PureBalance that Dr. Ingrid was offering.  I felt as if it was the perfect time to try a new approach!

I’ve learned that good shopping equals good cooking, and good cooking is the key to good eating. I had to practice planning ahead.

The best part is my health has improved dramatically. As a matter of fact, my blood sugar has normalized, I am no longer pre-diabetic, lost another 16.5 lbs. and my BMI (body mass index) has improved by 10%. 

My favorite part of the program is the Power Plate. I previously had a few injuries that hindered my workout. But the Power Plate allows me to get a deep workout without reinjuring myself. Ten minutes on that vibrating platform equals a 30-minute workout.

This program is very doable, and with Dr. Ingrid’s compassion and support, it has dramatically improved my health.  While weight loss was my primary goal, this program has helped me to change my health and my relationship to my body, creating a true state of wellness. With this jump start, I’m ready to set even higher goals!”

Are YOU interested in losing stubborn fat TOO?

Sign up for the next FREE weight loss seminar on Wednesday April 30, 2014 – 6:00-7:00 pm. Space is limited so reserve your spot! Call 224-521-1212…See you there! 


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