Don’t Worry, Be Healthy!

Your body is amazingly resilient. It can fight infection, digest foods it has never encountered before, and provide the adrenaline spurt needed to get away from a (hopefully imaginary) threat. But keeping your body healthy and resilient requires more than simply eating right and exercising. It also requires dealing with stress. Stress can have a major impact on our mental and physical health if we let it. And stress can build, adding to your load over a lifetime.

There are a great number of ways to deal with stress. Some of my favorites include slow, diaphragmatic breathing, yoga, and using the MindFit neuro trainer. One of the real benefits of using the Mindfit neuro trainer is the time required. In just a twenty minute session, the Mindfit neuro trainer will utilize light and sound technology to create an individualized program just for you, targeting your specific issues.

You’ll lie down on a comfortable massage table, and be fitted with high tech ear phones and next generation glasses which will help you overcome the ill effects of the fight-or-flight response. Thirty dollars a session gets you one step closer to a more relaxed, healthful you.

Click here for more information about this unique stress busting technique.

Cheers to a healthier you!

dr. ingrid


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