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As summer begins to draw to a close, it is time to start getting ready to send the kids back to college.  Be sure to include three health-essential items in their luggage; a probiotic, a fish oil and a green food.

Probiotics are necessary for gut health, detoxification, immune system stimulation and improved digestion. Probiotics are the single best supplement for your college student’s optimal immunity. The beneficial bacteria found in PeakBiotics removes the unwanted sugars and refined carbohydrates from the intestinal tract while selectively protecting the intestines from the types of yeast and bacterial infections that foster colds, flu and stress related issues which are often associated with college life.

Fish oils help lubricate the brain with the proper fats, which enhance and improve concentration. Fish oil is also a great immune system boosting supplement which the average college student needs as they negotiate the balance of studying, socializing, sports, and stress usually associated with college, especially during exams. Clinical research show that omega 3 found in our Omax3 Professional Strength reduces joint discomfort and increases mobility, improves mood health, reduces inflammation and enhances cognitive function.

We like to think that our children will make healthy eating decisions while away from home. But, that is not always realistic. Providing them with a green food as they leave will provide some of the needed four to six daily servings of greens. Living Fiber is a concentrated, green superfood full of essential vitamins and minerals that alkalize the body. The B-vitamins in Living Fiber helps keep the brain hydrated, which when they consume alcohol is necessary for an easier morning after.

A healthy diet, proper rest, staying hydrated, getting exercise and whole food supplementation are the best tools anyone can use to maintain and restore health no matter the levels of stress. Be sure to give your kids this added boost to achieving success as they head back to college.

We wish you and your children a happy, healthy, successful school year!

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