About Our Practice

Our Mission

At PureBalance we treat the patient, not the symptom.

We believe in providing holistic solutions designed to restore your heatlh.

We understand that many health conditions are associated with dysfunction in the gut and/or brain and we’re focused on finding the most cutting-edge solutions to restore, support and optimize a healthy connection between the gut and brain.

We practice functional medicine, which identifies the root cause of a health imbalance—everything from hormone, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, mental and immune health. In short, we treat YOU, not your condition. We are proud that our patient-centered approach achieves results that others don’t.

Dr. Ingrid Maes

Dr. Ingrid specializes in Functional Medicine, gentle chiropractic care and creating a lifestyle that promotes your best health, and ultimately your best self.

She is passionate about helping individuals feel their best. By viewing the body’s systems as an integrated whole, Dr. Ingrid investigates and addresses the root cause of an imbalance. By taking a functional approach to health rather than simply symptom management, she believes in the body’s innate ability to heal when obstacles are removed, all while supporting natural processes. Her philosophy and unique approach achieve results others don’t.

Dr. Ingrid’s passion for holistic medicine started as a child. She grew up in Belgium, where a natural approach to health and pure botanical medicine was highly valued in her family. As a mom with 3 kids, Dr. Ingrid is highly aware of the challenges our modern lifestyles have on family health. Whether it be environmental toxins, commercialism or poor food quality, Dr. Ingrid’s philosophy brings pure, natural solutions and helps you easily incorporate health and lifestyle changes that benefit your whole family.

Feeling healthy is about identifying and correcting the root cause of your health imbalance and creating a lifestyle that will support that. This may be optimizing your brain health, gut health, hormone health or immune health.

Based on a patient’s detailed health history assessment and specific diagnostic tests results, Dr. Ingrid then creates a customized treatment plan designed to help you feel better, sleep better, restore your energy and ultimately reach your health goals.

Dr. Ingrid’s mission is to make health a way of life—to empower you with pure and easy lifestyle solutions on your journey to wellness.

Ingrid Maes
Doctor of Chiropractic
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Certified Gluten Practitioner

Dr. Tom Bayne

Dr. Tom Bayne is a chiropractor and international expert in digestive health and detoxification. His philosophy addresses the relationship between structure and function of the human body and how that translates into your best health.

Tom’s passion for holistic medicine led him to Europe, where he had executive roles at two top natural health companies:

As international marketing director for one of Europe’s leading food supplement manufacturers, Dr. Bayne’s responsibilities included formulating supplements based on specific patient conditions, lecturing on his clinical experiences and research that supported natural medicines, and developing educational materials for physicians and pharmacies.

Dr. Tom’s clinical experience with patients over the years combined with his experience in product development has led to the PureBalance line of products. Tom spends his time sourcing the purest raw materials to create unique nutritional and botanical formulas designed to restore health and balance to you and your family.

Thomas Bayne, DC
Doctor of Chiropractic
Functional Medicine Practitioner
President, Co-founder Microbiome Labs