Body Zone Posture Exercises

Strengthening Posture and Balance

BodyZone exercises are a series of exercises developed to strengthen posture and balance by gently working the postural muscles and joints through their full range of motion.

Proper posture helps the body stay in balance. Asymmetrical posture occurs when corresponding muscles are not balanced. The resulting postural misalignment can create joint inflammation and pain, and cause the joint to degenerate at a rapid pace.

When a joint does not move through its full range, the unused muscle fibers shorten and overstretched muscles lengthen. This “locks in” restricted patterns of joint motion, as joints stiffen and muscle fibers weaken. Over time, the result is a cycle of poor posture and body motion and increased bio-mechanical stress on the body.

The Good News:

Poor posture can be corrected. Improving posture involves more than just telling someone to stand straight and keep their shoulders back. Improving posture requires specific strengthening and flexibility exercises to be performed at the proper speed and in a specific order so healthy joint motion can be restored.

The BodyZone Posture exercises strengthen the deep core muscles and the major postural muscles in combination with diaphragmatic breathing. The exercises are tailored to each patients needs based on their specific joint and postural dysfunction. The entire process builds core strength and restores body balance.

Body Zone exercises are used to rehabilitate injuries as well as maintaining healthy posture.

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