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Lifestyle Tips to Support Breast Health


Supplement Your Diet with Omega-3 Fatty Acids(link to norways purest fish oil)Eating proper amounts of healthy fats called omega-3 fatty acids can reduce your risk of breast cancer, and are also beneficial for those already diagnosed with breast cancer. Omega-3's decrease the strength of estrogen in the breast tissue, decrease inflammation, and shrink the size of breast tumors while preventing them from metastasizing or spreading. Women with the highest amount of omega-3 fatty acids in their bodies, have a 500% lower incidence of metastasis compared to women with the lowest levels of omega-3.

Cold-water fish such as salmon, cod, and halibut are great choices. These fish contain omega-3 fatty acids which support cell health and boost immunity. Eating fresh fish should be a healthy part of your diet but for therapeutic purposes supplementation with quality fish oil becomes a necessity.


Eat plenty of Dark green leafy vegetables.The Cruciferous vegetable family is named for their cross-shaped flower petals. Research of this family of vegetables indicates that they may provide protection against certain cancers. Cruciferous vegetables contain antioxidants (particularly beta carotene and the compound sulforaphane), and they are high in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Cruciferous vegetables also contain a kind of phytochemical known as isothiocyanates, which stimulates our body to break down carcinogens (cancer causing agents).

Raw cruciferous vegetables contain thyroid inhibitors known as goitrogens, therefore people who have low thyroid function should steam all cruciferous vegetables.


Arugula Bok choy Broccoli
Brussels sprouts Cabbage Cauliflower
Chard Chinese cabbage Collard greens
Daikon Kale Kohlrabi
Mustard greens Radishes Rutabagas
Turnips Watercress


Supplement with DIM.(link to estroBalance) DIM ( diindolylmethane) is the ingredient in cruciferous vegetables responsible for protection against hormonal imbalances that frequently precede breast cancer. DIM helps your body breakdown estrogen in a healthy way. Supplementing 150-300mg per day will ensure that your body breaks down estrogen into its health promoting antioxidant metabolites. Poor breakdown of estrogen is associated with weight gain, breast cancer, and uterine cancer.


Drink plenty of Organic Green Tea-Green tea contains compounds called catechins and polyphenols that inhibit cancer growth. There have been many studies on the anti-carcinogenic qualities of green tea. Studies of people in Asia who drink large amounts of green tea daily show much lower rates of a variety of cancers including breast cancer. Organic green tea is your best choice.


Consume Extra Virgin Olive oil-Olive oil contains health promoting antioxidants and is associated with a lower incidence of breast cancer in Mediterranean populations. Olive oil can be used to sauté, as a salad dressing, drizzled over vegetables, or as a tasty butter substitute.


Move your body!-Exercise improves sleep, appetite, mood and releases stress. In a variety of research studies, both aerobic exercise and weight training have been shown to be beneficial in reducing symptoms in women of all ages including sleep disturbances, depression, fibrocystic breast disease, and breast cancer.


Eat Organic , Toss your Plastic!- Many scientists speculate that the increasing number of cancer cases worldwide are due to the toxins in our environment. These toxins act like estrogen hormones in the body and are termed "xeno-estrogens". We know that many breast cancers are estrogen dependent. Xenoestrogens like pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, heavy metals and other toxins in our food, water, and produce accumulate in our fat tissue over time. Their estrogen like properties can be the trigger that starts the cancer cascade. Store your food in glass containers instead of plastic to avoid phthalates, which are hormone disrupting chemicals linked to an increased risk for breast cancer. Stop drinking from plastic bottles and get a stainless steel drinking container.


Drink alcohol in moderation- Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum. Many studies have shown that alcohol consumption does increase breast cancer rates by a small percentage. However, a small amount of red wine on a regular basis is also known to lower the risk of heart disease which still kills many more women than breast cancer does.


Relax!-According to Chinese medicine, stress, frustration, and unresolved anger can play an important part in the development of all types of breast disease, both benign and malignant. Chinese medical theories suggest that one of the best things a woman can do for her breast (and overall) health is to find a way to relax and release stress on a daily basis. Such methods may include yoga, meditation, biofeedback, simple relaxation therapy, or whatever method you use to release the stress and pressures of modern life. Maintain present time consciousness and express your emotions in the moment. Don’t swallow your emotions!


Take Antioxidants-Studies confirm that low antioxidant levels were linked to an increased risk for breast cancer. Antioxidants are the body’s first line of defense against the damaging effects of oxidative stress. Women with higher markers of oxidative stress in their bodies have a higher risk for breast cancer. Women with low vitamin A had double the risk for breast cancer. Women with low vitamin E had nearly tripled the risk. Vitamin D is one of the most important antioxidants to maintain breast health. A study conducted by Cedric Garland and other prominent vitamin D researchers determined that women with vitamin D levels above 52 ng/ml have half the risk of developing breast cancer as those with 13 ng/ml. If these figures are true then upwards of 58,000 cases of breast cancer per year could be prevented. Studies show it is better to supplement Vitamin D in a large bolus once or twice a week instead of once a day. A dose of 3000iu per day would be better given as 10,000iu 2x per week.

We can never prevent any disease 100%. Breast cancer does have a strong hereditary link, but by choosing a healthy lifestyle you can dramatically improve your odds of staying cancer free.

Digestive Health

Bowel Health and Seasonal Allergies - Approaching it from the Inside Out!

As spring approaches we are busy supporting many patients who have a history of seasonal allergy symptoms. We are focused on strengthening them now before the weather changes and they are exposed to allergens. In our practice we focus on creating a personalized approach for our patients over a cook book approach. That said, there are some things that we see repeating among different patients with similar symptoms. Would it surprise you to know that many patients who suffer from seasonal allergies have a weak digestive system? What connection does our gut have to seasonal allergies?

A healthy digestive tract is a strong barrier that allows nutrients to be absorbed into the blood stream and waste products are pushed through the tract until they are passed out as a bowel movement. There are many scenarios where a digestive tract becomes dysfunctional, and a good health detective will be able to identify your specific imbalance. As we follow food through the digestive tract we can better understand where and how dysfunction occurs. Digestion begins in the mouth. Food is broken down and mixed with saliva, and passed into the stomach. In the stomach hydrochloric acid breaks proteins down to amino acids. The food mix then moves to the small intestine where bile from the gall bladder and enzymes from the pancreas mix with the food to complete the breakdown portion of digestion.

If someone does not chew properly, or if their stomach, gall bladder, or pancreas are working inefficiently then the food will not be completely broken down. These larger food molecules move lower into the digestive tract. They are too big to be absorbed so they sit in the intestines and rot. Proteins putrify, fats turn rancid, and carbohydrates ferment. This process causes pH imbalances which cause yeast to overgrow in the intestines. As the yeast multiply in the bowel they anchor themselves to the intestinal lining to ensure that they will be in line for the next partially digested meal you eat. They literally punch a hole through the digestive tract and anchor themselves to the inner lining of the intestines. These “holes” in the gut are what led to the term leaky gut.

Over time the intestinal tract can look more like swiss cheese than a tube running through your body. At this point large molecules of undigested food will frequently pass through the holes and into the bloodstream. Now the immune system has to get involved. Once the immune system has helped digest a food that has crossed into the blood you now have a sensitivity/allergy to that food. Your immune system is now hyperactive. Overreacting to everything you come in contact with. Many of our seasonal allergy patients have chronic digestive weakness that has led to an extreme state of inflammation in their body, and an immune system that hyper-reacts to everything in their environment. This is especially true of the patient who presents to our office with onset of seasonal allergies as an adult.

There is a clear answer for these patients.


Digestive HealthTo start we have to change the environment of the intestines. We have to clean out all the undigested food and restore healthy intestinal elimination. We have to shift the pH of the intestines to its healthy acidic state so that beneficial organisms will replace the unwanted yeast and fungi. We use a combination of Living Fiber and Seigen to accomplish this shift. This is the quickest way to change the intestinal environment. Support of digestion with a plant based enzyme like Pancnzyme will ensure that all food is broken down to its smallest components while allowing the stomach, gall bladder, and pancreas to rest and heal. Finally, L-Glutamine will act like spackling to patch the holes in the leaky gut and return the intestinal tract to its normal state. While we are addressing the underlying cause with digestive support another piece of the puzzle needs to be addressed. Often the stress response to the substance will still be present even though the source of the stress has been corrected. That is because the substance association stress response is a neurological event that is orchestrated by the central nervous system, specifically the autonomic nervous system.

To put it simply, it is a faulty wiring and timing issue within the body itself that if left uncorrected will lead to the same outcome of seasonal allergy symptoms. This is an abnormal reflex response that the body has when it comes into contact with the offending allergen. Complete healing requires the nervous system and immune system to be reset. Neurological stress reduction therapy is a non-invasive treatment we use in conjunction with intestinal cleansing and support to eliminate the programmed reflex response to the allergen. This combination therapy is the best solution for final resolution of seasonal allergy symptoms.


Fall into Health: The 4 Steps to Great Health Through Detoxification

New Beginnings

The kids are back in school, the weather is starting to change and the sun is setting earlier. Summer is just about over and fall is officially setting in.

If you are feeling rushed, overwhelmed or just plain tired, you are not alone. The time between seasons can be “trying” for even the most balanced among us.

In Chinese medicine, fall is the season of new beginnings. We have just left summer, a time of high energy and are moving into autumn, which tends to be a more introspective time. This shift in seasons carries a shift in energy and health.

And in fact, symptoms like colds, sore throats, digestive pain and headaches are often a sign to take time for self-care during a seasonal change.

In holistic medicine, we believe in your body’s natural ability to heal. So healing with the seasons can bring you into harmony with nature…allowing you to feel your best.

How do you move from the excesses of summer into introspective fall, while feeling your best? Detoxification!

Why Detox?

So why do we need to detox?

Detoxification is how your body rids itself of toxins. Toxins are everywhere: in food, the environment, even in products in our own homes!

The 5 most common toxins are:

  1. Pesticides and herbicides in your food supply.
  2. Heavy metals (like mercury, aluminum, arsenic, lead and cadmium) from pollution in the environment.
  3. Chlorine in cleaning supplies, water and in the air near industrial plants.
  4. Phthalates in plastics, like plastic wrap and food storage containers.
  5. VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in dry cleaning, paints, carpets, deodorants, moth repellants and air fresheners.

Our modern lifestyles are certain to expose us to toxins in one way or another. You can see from the list above, that toxins are in just about everything you come into contact with on a regular basis.

But did you know that your eating habits and stress levels contribute to a buildup of toxins as well?

It’s true. Too much sugar, processed foods, soda pop, not chewing completely and eating on the run all contribute to poor digestion. When you are not digesting, absorbing and eliminating properly, toxins build up in your body.

Is there any good news to this picture? YES!

Your body is always detoxifying on a minute-by-minute and day-to-day basis, so it’s a natural part of how we stay healthy. In essence, your body knows how to help you detoxify!

Your body has five major detoxification pathways:

  1. Skin
  2. Lungs
  3. Liver
  4. Kidneys
  5. Intestines

Unless you get serious about the toxins you are exposed to, your body may not be able to keep up with detoxification.Over time, your detoxification pathways get clogged, making it difficult to get rid of toxins. This has ramifications on your health AND well being.

How You Know It’s Time to Detoxify

If your detoxification pathways are not functioning properly, you may start to feel tired, sluggish and achy.

It’s common to have respiratory and digestive symptoms as well, like coughing, allergies, constipation, gas, bloating or diarrhea.

In addition, if one detoxification pathway is clogged, you may experience symptoms of detox in another. For example, if you are constipated, you may get a rash on your skin. Toxins are always looking for a way out of your body.

Besides physical symptoms, you may feel emotional symptoms like depression, anger, rirritability or feeling overwhelmed. When your body’s detoxification pathways are clogged, it also affects your moods.

Other signs you may need to detox are:

  • Digestive pain, like food allergies, gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea.
  • Headaches and migraines.
  • Respiratory issues like coughing, sneezing, wheezing, post nasal drip, sinusitis, and runny nose.
  • Skin problems, like acne, rashes, hives, eczema and psoriasis.
  • Difficult gaining or losing weight

When to Detoxify

First of all, one of the best times to detoxify is at the change of seasons!

Most people notice physical and emotional symptoms during seasonal changes and this reminds us of our deep connection to nature.But don’t wait for the change in seasons. If you are noticing any of these symptoms of toxicity, the time to detox is now!

When we discuss the idea of NATURAL detoxification we are looking at accomplishing 2 things:

  1. Enhancing the function of your primary organs of detoxification (skin, intestines, liver, lungs, kidneys) through the use of lifestyle and dietary modifications and food supplements.
  2. Identifying and treating the stressors to your detoxification systems (e.g., food allergies, infections, nutritional deficiencies, maldigestion, malabsorption, or toxins from environment).

Bringing your detoxification systems back into balance is a process that involves supporting your body AND it’s systems to nourish them back to a healthier state. At PureBalance Health Center, we focus on eliminating some of the habits that created toxic buildup in the first place.

We then work with you to target a plan to create natural health.

How To Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins and Detoxify Now!

How can you protect yourself from toxins? Well, unless you move far away to live “off the grid,” toxins are pretty much a fact of life.

However, you CAN reduce your exposure to toxins with these 4 dietary tips:

    1. Choose organic foods – When you eat organic foods, you avoid all of the chemical pesticides and herbicides that are in conventional foods.
    2. Eliminate processed foods – Eating a diet of whole, natural foods takes the toxic load off of your body. If you would like guidance on foods that will support your best health, including how to deal with digestive pain and food allergies, come in for a diagnostic appointment and we’ll give you a personal roadmap tailored for your needs.
    3. Heal your digestion – Digestive problems are on the rise in America. In fact, a recent survey found that 2/3 of Americans find it harder to maintain digestive health than financial health!1In fact, digestive pain is often one of the leading complaints we see today.All good detoxification plans will start with a gentle yet effective way of eliminating wastes from the intestines, while changing your diet and supporting digestion to ensure that all food that is eaten is properly digested.Some good diagnostic testing is recommended in order to identify the root cause of symptoms you are experiencing.
    4. Supplement with high quality chlorella - To support your detoxification and overall digestive health, we recommend [volusion link="PB22810-094"]Jade Chlorella[/volusion]. Chlorella is a fresh water algae and one of the oldest foods on the planet. It is also one of the gentlest intestinal cleansers available.

Chlorella has the following benefits:

      1. Retrains your intestinal muscle contractions.
      2. Binds to chemical or heavy metal toxins and helps eliminate them from your body.
      3. Brings your small intestine to a more alkaline state.
      4. Rids your body of unwanted organisms and encourages the growth of beneficial organisms.
      5. Boosts your immunity.
      6. Balances your blood sugar levels.
      7. Provides important amino acids.
      8. Fights bacterial and viral infections.
      9. Contains antioxidants that go after free radicals that are known to cause aging and disease.
      10. Contains vitamins and chlorophyll to support your digestive health.

Jade Chlorella is special because it retains the important tough outer shell that helps bind to and remove toxins. AND the shell is also cracked, so you get all the benefits of the nutrients inside the tough outer shell. This is also referred to as “broken-cell wall” chlorella.

Fall into Good Health

Make this fall a new beginning in your digestive health! Our 4 dietary tips are a great start and stay tuned for our next newsletter, which will contain easy lifestyle tips that make detoxification a breeze.

Healthy Woman with Green Apple

The 5 Powerful Weight Loss Secrets They Don't Want You to Know

For years, the diet and weight loss industry promised amazing weight loss results through a variety of methods.

Whether calorie counting, numbered food exchange programs, a special exercise or an easy pill, enough people get pulled in by miracle claims to fuel an industry making over $30 billion per year.

Unfortunately, however, the dismal weight loss statistics speak for themselves. Regardless of all the hype, here are the results:

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has noted obesity as a global epidemic.1
  • The United States has the highest rate of obesity worldwide, with obesity affecting over one third of American adults.2
  • Statistics show that 80-90% of dieters regain every pound.3
  • Childhood obesity is on the rise. Obesity among children has more than doubled and obesity among teens has more than tripled in the past two decades.4

The manufactured food industry is fighting back by coming up with solutions for low-calorie foods and even foods that suppress hunger!

But this is NOT the answer. Finding artificial solutions that trick your body into doing something it's not inclined to do is not a solution for long-term health, weight loss or weight maintenance.

In fact, there are some natural weight loss solutions that DO work...but the weight loss industry would rather you didn’t know.

Why? Because when you learn these secrets, you will stop fueling an industry that has never been able to deliver on its promise.

The Weight Loss "Problem"

For too long, scientists and the diet industry have tried to make weight loss a complex system of numbers – calories, hours of exercise, grams and measurements of food. On the other hand, the media is busy tempting you with the latest and greatest processed foods.

It's been drilled into your head that "you can't eat just one." In fact, eating for many of us, has become so mindless that we do it while multi-tasking: watching TV, working, talking on the phone and driving.

While our food and eating habits have changed, our bodies are still the same as they were hundreds of years ago. Is it possible that our modern lives have outpaced our lifestyle and food habits?

The answer is yes.

We are putting things into our bodies and doing things in our lives that actually STOP digestion, damage digestive health and drain our energy and immunity.

But there are some solutions. And I'm going to be honest here…these are not quick fixes. These are solutions that require you to make changes in your life. The changes are not always easy at first, but if you take them one at a time and you don't hold yourself accountable to being rigidly, 100% perfect, you'll be on your way to lasting results and better health.

The Natural Weight Loss Solution

Here are the 5 Weight Loss Secrets for Lasting Results & Your Best Health:

  • Eat right - This sounds like nothing new, right? But what does it really mean to eat right? Eating right is simply about making choices to include plenty of fresh whole foods in your diet. If it comes in a box, can or package – or if you picked it up from the fast food window -- it's likely a processed food.
    [highlight color="eg. yellow, black"]Processed foods are full of fake ingredients, chemicals and toxins that impede your healthy digestion, rob you of nutrients you need for health and energy and often, make you want to eat more.[/highlight]
    To learn more about how and why eating right is a natural weight loss secret, read:  Six Foods to Eat and Avoid for Your Best Detox Diet.
  • Exercise– Everyone from doctors to nutritionists to your friend next door will agree that exercise is key to weight loss and healthy weight maintenance. Exercise helps to beat inflammation (the culprit behind all disease), build muscle and burn fat.I'm not going to recommend that you pick up the latest exercise fad here. What I am going to ask you is what do you love to do? Find out what kind of exercise you really like first. Don't worry about how many calories you'll burn or whether you can measure your exercise intensity. Simply focus on moving your body in a way that you love – and that feels like the right pace for you.Instead of pushing yourself, motivate yourself to do some kind of movement that you love each day or a few days per week. Start small and build from there. If you focus on creating a routine for a lifetime, you will avoid that all or nothing mentality that often comes from a short-term weight loss program.
  • Support your immunity and your digestive health. Did you know that obesity has been linked to bad bacteria in your gut? And viral infections?One study found that "obese humans and mice had a lower percentage of a family of bacteria called Bacteroidetes and more of a type of bacteria called Firmicutes."Another study found that 30% of obese people had antibodies to a virus that caused them to store fat. This study looked at what is being called "infectobesity" and the fact that weight gain is not simply about calories and exercise.Improving your digestive health and immunity are two of the biggest health and weight loss secrets of our time! Anything that takes away from your digestive health and immunity takes away from your ability to be naturally slim.
    Most of the processed foods, diets and pills on the market today take away from your digestive health and immunity.
    To correct your digestion, you can use some tools in addition to your healthy diet. The key is, these tools are made from whole foods, they are all natural and they work to boost both your digestive health and your immunity:

    • Probiotic liquids – Naturally fermented, probiotic liquids are full of good bacteria and yeast (probiotics) native to the healthy human digestive tract. These probiotics help to boost your immunity, aid your digestion, build energy, reduce cravings for sugar and carbs and multiply the nutrients in your food. Two of our favorites at PureBalance Natural Health Center are Green Rhino Probiotic Liquid and Pro-Belly-Otic. GreenRhino has a naturally sweet taste and is a great on-the-go energizer. Pro-Belly-Otic is excellent for your liver and skin.
      To learn more about the power of probiotic liquids for natural weight loss, read:  Six Foods to Eat and Avoid for Your Best Detox Diet.
    • Jade ChlorellaJade Chlorella is one of the oldest foods on the planet. Considered a superfood, chlorella is a complete source of vitamins and minerals that helps to heal your digestive system, rid your body of bad bacteria and yeast and pave the way for the good bacteria and yeast your body needs. A great detoxifier, chlorella is a powerful tool for heavy metal detox and for better elimination.
    • Seigen AlphaSeigen Alpha is another key support for your digestive health and immunity. This powerful product is a biofermentic probiotic metabolite complex that goes beyond a probiotic. Full of important B vitamins, amino acids, minerals, fatty acids and isoflavones, Seigen Alpha helps improve your metabolism, digestion and absorption of nutrients. It can also improve the issues often linked to weight gain: your stress response, mood, memory and sleep.
  • Detoxify – Detoxification is very important in today's world, when we are bombarded by over 123 chemicals each day. Since toxins store in your fat cells, it makes sense that detoxifying your body would help you with your weight loss goals. At the same time, detoxification helps boost your immunity and your digestive health. To learn more, read: Fall into Health: The 4 Steps to Great Health Through Detoxification.
  • Love yourself– Of all the weight loss secrets, this may just be the most important one. When you think of yourself, what thoughts do you have? Are you calling yourself things like fat, ugly, not good enough? Think about it...all that beating up on yourself just serves to drain your energy and weigh you down, doesn't it? Instead, write a few affirmations, like "I deeply love and accept myself." Catch yourself in negative thoughts and replace them with loving, positive thoughts and see what happens.Loving yourself also means taking time for yourself. Time to stop for your meals, to chew thoroughly, to focus only on one thing at a time, to give yourself time to rest and relax.


If you choose just one of these five secrets and begin today – the best way you know how – and add over time, you will be developing a lifetime of healthy habits toward your ideal weight.



1Scott-Thomas, Caroline. US obesity due to more calories, not less exercise: Study., May 2009.

2 ibid.

3 Berkeley, Barbara, MD. Refuse to Regain. Quill Driver Books, Fresno, CA, 2009.

4 Childhood Obesity. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

5 "Overweight? Blame the bacteria in your gut." Associated Press 20 December 2006.

6 ibid.


Woman taking pills

The Truth about Statin Medications

What do you really know about your statin medication?

With over 13 million prescriptions written per month statins are the most prescribed drug in the U.S.  Physicians write the prescriptions under the blanket statement that whatever downside a statin has it is not as bad as a heart attack.  Is that really true?  Do statins actually prevent the disease they are prescribed for?  To answer this question we have to understand the history and research into statin medications.  In 1970 Lovastatin was isolated from the poison of red rice yeast.  The poison is used as deterrent to predators of the red rice yeast.  In humans statins block the production of an enzyme that produces cholesterol in the liver.  This same enzyme is crucial in the production of Coenzyme Q10 a potent heart antioxidant.  CoQ10 is necessary for the production of energy in our muscle tissue especially the heart.  Over time CoQ10 depletion leads to weakened heart strength and congestive heart failure.  The medicine you are taking to save your heart is actually causing weakness and failure of your heart.

In order for the pharmaceutical companies to sell 13 million prescriptions per month they needed to point the finger at cholesterol as the cause of heart disease since they could suppress cholesterol with statin medications.  Is cholesterol the problem?  The majority of your cholesterol number is the result of the cholesterol your liver has produced.  That is why low cholesterol diets do almost nothing to lower your cholesterol number. The chief function of cholesterol is not to clog up your arteries.  It is the primary component of your cell membranes, and it is crucial to repair damage to your cells.

So how do cells get damaged?

The easiest way to understand this process is to look at a cut to your skin. When the skin is cut inflammation takes over.  This process will immediately mobilize cells and chemicals which will cause the blood to thicken and clot, other cells will multiply to speed healing.  When the process is complete scar tissue is left behind.  More and more research is pointing to the fact that cardiovascular disease is an inflammatory disease.  So the inflammation within the arteries is causing the blood to flow slower so it can thicken and clot, and cells are multiplying to ensure that scar tissue lies down.  The only problem is that scar tissue in the arteries is called plaque.  It is a lesion that has a high concentration of calcium in it causing the artery to lose its flexibility and develop an aneurysm and eventually rupture as a stroke or torn aorta.  Cholesterol fits into this process because the chemicals that are produced in response to inflammation are sending signals to the liver to produce more cholesterol so the body can repair the tissues that are being injured due to the inflammatory process.  Talk about shooting the messenger!

Controlling the Inflammatory Process is the Key

Whether you are taking a statin or not, controlling the inflammatory process is the key to controlling your risk of cardiovascular disease.  We don’t have to stop there.  Joint pain, cancer, intestinal disorders, skin irritations, dry eyes, even depression and mood swings are the result of inflammation.  Controlling the inflammatory process is the single most important step in regaining or maintaining health.  If you or anyone you know is taking a statin medication or if inflammation is causing stress in your life then you need to know about Total Omega-3+.

Total Omega-3+ is an antioxidant infused fish oil that covers all aspects of inflammation in just 2 capsules a day.  We start with our pharmaceutical grade ultra-pure fish oil.  The only fish oil that is molecularly distilled 3 times to ensure purity, potency, and freshness.  We combine bioidentical CoQ10 to ensure that all muscle tissue can produce healthy energy levels.  Additionally we have added a high dose of vitamin K2-7.  K2-7 or menaquinone has consistently demonstrated the ability to remove calcium from the arterial system (where it does not belong) and transport it to the ground matrix of the bones (where it belongs) in multiple large scale studies.  It is crucial for optimal circulatory health.  We add a healthy dose of Vitamin D3 for more cardiovascular and bone protection, and we finish with Tocomin SupraBio a patented vitamin E complex that research shows is imperative for keeping blood thin and maintaining normal arterial flexibility.

For those of you on statin medications you should take Total Omega-3+ every day to replenish the CoQ10 that is being robbed from your heart.  This will keep your heart healthy while you work to control the inflammatory process that has your liver producing too much cholesterol at this time.  The rest of us should look to add Total Omega-3+ to our routine as a way of combating inflammation at its source to keep us healthy and strong.

Feeling Great!

10 Resolutions to Great Health

News years resolutions to help you feel great!

We wanted to offer some simple to implement ideas so you can make some healthy changes in 2010. Do the best you can to make healthier choices. Here are some ideas we all can adhere to.

1. Drink more water...yes, I know you have heard this before, so why are you not doing it? Slowly build your pure water intake to 1 quart per 50 lbs of body weight. Tap water is not a good source for your daily H2O consumption. The Rhinofilter , a whole house filtration system, does a great job filtering not only your drinking water but your shower as well. Well worth looking into. Call the office for more information. Our office and our home are equipped with this system and we love it! Bayne Family approved! Drink, shower, bathe, healthy water.

2. Include more raw foods - include at least 50% of your diet as raw food, such as vegetables, salads, blended drinks, and fermented foods. This is a great time to introduce those dark green leafy veggies such as chard, kale, spinach, mustard greens, turnip greens, and collards. Try out the recipe of the month... Kale of our favorite salads. For added Greens insurance add one of our super greens like Jade Chlorella, Living Fiber or Vitality Greens (now available in capsules).

3. Grow green friends - Everyone should have an herb garden on their kitchen counter...fresh oregano, basil, chives, cilantro liven up a dish in a flash. Home sprouters allow you to increase your home grown greens to include bean sprouts, radish sprouts, and even your own wheatgrass!

4. Green your cleaning products - Remove the stress of toxic cleaning supplies from your home. We use Ecover products in our office and our home. These products are toxin free, but they do a great job of cleaning up the toughest stains and messes. We especially like the laundry detergent! Ecover products are available in our Apothecary. Get things clean without toxic chemicals!

5. Exercise - not only for weight loss but overall health , you got to get that body moving. Rebounding is one of our favorite daily exercises. It is the most convenient , metabolically effective, acid-removing form of exercise we know. It strengthens the entire body, increases circulation, improves digestion, strengthens muscles, pumps the lymphatic system , works on your balance, and is gentle on the joints. So get that rebounder!

6. Fresh air - No matter where you live make the time to get some fresh air. If you live in the north like us then take the time to bundle up and breathe fresh air. It helps clear ones mind. At a minimum open the windows to air out your home

7. Educate yourself - When it comes to your own health you have to educate yourself. You are responsible for your own health. Read books, take classes, hire a health coach to oversee your plan and help you accomplish your health goals

8. Sweat - not only through exercise but make time to do the Far-infrared sauna in our office. We really believe that everyone should have a far-infrared sauna in their home. Sweating is one of the major ways your body eliminates acids and toxins. The Far Infrared sauna is more than detoxification, it can help with stress relief, enhance immune system, weight&cellulite control, improves cardiovascular health and pain relief. If you catch a cold this winter call the office and schedule a 30 minute sauna and you will leave feeling great!

9. Live your life with passion and seek fulfilling relationships.

10. Visit PureBalance for a check up!

Hope to see you soon!

Thermography Scan

Breast Health

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Whether you are tuned into day time television, reading any magazine or even watching an NFL football game you are no doubt aware that October is Breast Cancer awareness month. Many of us have lost a loved one or witnessed the suffering of a friend to this awful disease. In this month’s newsletter I would like to look at some of the research and the need for us to switch our thinking from looking for a “cure” to preventing the disease. If we are really going to help women and prevent this disease than an examination of the present process and who it is really serving needs to be undertaken. Our current medical model has women doing yearly mammograms to check for the presence of tumors. This month you will be hit with the message that mammograms save lives. Is this true? What do we really know about breast cancer and mammograms?

In the Journal of the National Cancer Institute a study of 145 women were asked questions about breast cancer and mammograms and found the following:

  • Women over estimated their probability of dying of breast cancer within 10 years by more than 20-fold.
  • Women over estimated the risk reduction of annual screening mammograms more than 100-fold.
  • The study concluded,“Women younger than 50 years substantially over-estimate both their breast cancer risk and the effectiveness of screening.” In other words, as a whole our society is misinformed regarding breast cancer and mammograms.

Let’s take a look at the research on the effectiveness of mammograms. In September 2000, a large, long-term Canadian study found that an annual mammogram were no more effective in preventing deaths from breast cancer than periodic physical examinations for women in their 50’s. In this study40,000 women ages 50 to 59 were split into 2 groups. The first group received periodic breast examinations alone and the second group received breast examinations with mammograms. The findings: there were 610 cases of invasive breast cancer and 105 deaths in the women who received only breast examinations, compared with 622 invasive breast cancers and 107 deaths in those who received breast examinations and mammograms. 40,000 participants is no small study, and the results show no difference between the two groups.

Do mammograms do any harm? It has been shown that ionizing radiation mutates cells, and the mechanical pressure on the breast can cause cancerous cells to spread.In 1995, the British medical journal, The Lancet, reported that since mammographic screening was introduced in 1970’s, the incidence of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), which represents 12% of all breast cancer cases, had increased by 328% and that 200% of this increase was due to the use of mammography. Since the inception of widespread mammographic screening, the increase for DCIS in women under the age of 40 has risen over 3000%.

We are able to establish that mammograms do not seem to be more effective than exam alone, and there is a growing body of evidence that mammograms actually increase cancer rates. Yet some slow developing tumors are discovered only by the tiny calcifications seen on mammograms. Our present system is inefficient yet it is all we have at this time. We look for a “cure” by telling women to radiate their breasts once a year. A cure is only possible when there is one cause. Cancer has more than one cause. Breast cancer, like all cancers, is a multiple system dysfunction. There are immune imbalances, hormone imbalances, weakened detoxification pathways, toxicities, and various other imbalances that are unique to the individual. These imbalances can be identified years before cancer sets in, and some of these imbalances are modifiable with sound nutrition and lifestyle modifications. In order to identify these imbalances we have to use technologies that measure dysfunction and physiological changes. Testing that can predict disease based on past patterns of dysfunction of those that have fought this battle.

In our office we look at promoting breast health through the use of two different forms of thermography.

Thermography is a non-invasive evaluation of the body with a particular emphasis on the breast. Thermal patterns are analyzed that are associated with vascular changes. Vascular changes are not normal in adults. Vascular changes in the breast are associated with the process of angiogenesis which is new blood vessel formation to feed a tumors growth. Thermography has been shown to detect the precancerous state of breast tissue up to 10 years before breast cancer is identified by other methods. A positive thermographic image represents the highest known risk factor for the future development of breast cancer. It is especially useful for detecting early lesions before they otherwise become clinically evident. These changes could accompany cancer, fibrocystic breast disease, breast injury, infections or vascular disease. No radiation is used by thermography, and there is no pain during the examination.

In a German study, 54 percent of breast cancer patients were correctly diagnosed by history and physical examination. The number rose to 76 percent when mammography was added. However, when thermography was used, the accuracy of diagnosis rose to 92 percent.

We use two forms of thermography because each has different strengths. Digital infrared thermography (DITI) is combined with computer regulated thermography (CRT) to give the most comprehensive thermographic evaluation available. DITI is similar to mammography in that it assesses the present state of the breasts. CRT is a whole body evaluation that gives us clues and patterns that precede the onset of cancer by as much as a decade. This allows us to implement treatment plans based on preventing the disease.

After a mammogram the results are either positive or negative. Thermography often shows a healthy breast scan, but we find other imbalances in the body associated with liver stress, hormone imbalances, or toxicities that need immediate attention. By implementing treatment plans based on these dysfunctional states in the body we are able to restore a higher level of health to the patient. We use the thermography testing on a yearly basis. If we see patterns of thermographic change that look suspicious we immediately order an ultrasound. If after two thermograms and an ultrasound there are still questions about the possibility of cancer then we order a mammogram. We feel that if we can decrease the number of mammograms a woman has in her lifetime we believe that will save lives. Some of our clients do their yearly thermogram 6 months after they have had their yearly mammogram. Holistic medicine is an individualized approach to health. It is not a cookbook approach where everyone follows the same recipe. You need to find a formula that works for you based on your risk factors, family history and lifestyle. Someone with normal mammograms for the last few years with no family history of breast cancer could use the thermogram as a yearly check-up along with a healthy eating plan and lifestyle. Those with a strong family history or those not willing to follow a healthy lifestyle should use the thermogram as an added assessment to yearly mammograms.

There is no one test that can detect 99-100% of all cancers. Therefore, no single test exists that can be used alone as an adequate screening or detection method for breast cancer. It is time to add yearly thermographic evaluation as one component of a more proactive breast health program. It is the best way to shift your mindset to prevention.


Is Soy Good For You?

Soy is not the health food that you think it is.

It seems everywhere you look from the freezer section of your grocery store to the shelves of the local health food store soy products are everywhere.  Tofu hot dogs and burgers are found in the "healthy eating" section of the grocery store.  Many babies are downing soy-based formulas in place of breast milk.  Soy products have swept the nation as a healthy source of protein, with a perception as being all natural and good for you. So what are the facts concerning soy?

Independent research has raised many questions concerning the relationship between soy and breast cancer.  Decreased brain function in men has been linked to soy, and now scientists are questioning soy and its relationship to developmental abnormalities in infants.

There are a few issues with soy, which in our opinion, make it a food that has a far greater downside then upside.

Soy contains natural chemicals that mimic estrogen called isoflavones.  Animal studies show that this chemical can alter sexual development.   Worse Japanese researchers found that as little as 2 tablespoons a day of soy powder had a dramatic effect of thyroid function creating a state of hypothyroidism with early goiter changes in spite of adequate iodine intake.  They also found that the effect lasted for 3 months after soy consumption was discontinued.

Soybeans contain an anti-nutrient called phytic acid.  All beans do. However, soybeans have the highest levels of phytic acid compared to other beans. Adding to the high phytate problem, soybeans are highly resistant to phytate-reducing techniques, such as long, slow cooking used with other beans. Phytic acid blocks the absorption of certain minerals, including magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc. This is of particular interest when it comes to soy-based infant formulas and the nutrient deficiencies created in the name of health.

Soybeans also contain enzyme inhibitors that decrease protein digestion, create bloating, and eventually lead to amino acid deficiencies. Lastly, soybeans contain hemagglutinin, a clot-promoting substance which causes red blood cells to clump together. These clumped blood cells cannot properly transport oxygen to the body's tissues leading to cardiac difficulties.

Soy straight from the ground is not suitable for human consumption.

Only after fermentation for an extended period of time as seen with miso and tempeh production, or through extensive processing such as chemical extractions and high temperatures, are the beans, or the soy protein isolate, suitable for digestion when eaten.

You would think that anything that caused your thyroid to slow down, your hormones to be depressed, your digestion to be shut down, your blood to clot, and nutrients to be leached from your body would be illegal to sell.  It probably would be if you or I were selling it, but when the monsters of agribusiness can pay for research studies and manipulate the findings to their liking it creates a multibillion dollar industry from a bean that was waste and animal feed as recently as 100 years ago.  Genetic modification has meant that all seeds are purchased from one supplier. Big business at its worst.

Does that mean that soy has absolutely no redeeming qualities?

The process of fermentation reduces the phytic acid, trypsin inhibitors, and hemagglutinin.  Reduces but does not eliminate so we recommend that you eat only small amounts of soy.  Be certain that it is not genetically modified and make sure it is in a fermented form such as miso, or tempeh.  Stay clear of soy protein powders, foods and supplements that are not fermented and GMO free.

Flu Shots

Swine Flu, What Should We Do?

Since 1 in every 3 emails we receive seems to somehow be related to the swine flu, we decided to give our perspective on the statistics to date, the science of swine flu, and prevention and treatment. The recent rash of fear-based media alerts may lead you to believe that half the people in the U.S. will get very sick from the swine flu. It does not stop there as estimates from Europe have really cranked up the fear factor saying 10's of millions could die this winter. The seasonal flu has a death rate between 250,000 and 500,000 worldwide. To date, 500 people have died worldwide from the swine flu.

Last week the CDC issued a statement urging people not to panic. They stated that the virus does not appear to be a pandemic type of flu, and that we should not expect large numbers of deaths from this flu.

The truth is that swine flu has been producing mild symptoms in healthy adults and children, with much fewer cases requiring hospitalization than this year's typical "seasonal" flu. That's the current reality.

Why all the fear then?

I believe, like many things in life, this fear based propaganda is designed to drive the profits of big business.  Big Pharma stands to make a lot of money with vaccinations and antiviral meds.  Billions of dollars are at stake and fear sells.  You wouldn't want your baby to die would you?

Vaccination fears come directly from the profession that provides them as The British Medical Journal reported that there is a growing worldwide opposition to accepting the swine flu vaccine. Many doctors and nurses indicate they won't accept the vaccine for themselves due to fear of side effects and questions about its efficacy. (BMJ 2009;339:b3461)

Antiviral medications may well be an appropriate treatment once a diagnosis has been made; however, the irresponsible overuse of Tamiflu and other antiviral drugs as "preventive" treatments only serves to encourage mutations and mounting viral resistance, which only makes people more vulnerable.

We believe the best strategy for the swine flu is the same strategy you should have every flu season to keep your family healthy.  We believe this strategy should be both safe and effective.  You can keep yourself and your family healthy with safe, natural, holistic health care.

The best thing you can do for your health is to get an individual assessment of your health status and allow us to create a customized plan that serves as a template to restore or maintain your health.  Contact our office directly for more information on this.

Tips to prevent the flu:

  1. Decrease your sugar intake. Sugar suppresses  your immune system.  1 tsp. of sugar will depress the natural killer cell activity of the white blood cells by 50% for 2 days. ("Lick the Sugar Habit" by Nancy Appleton)
  2. Get proper rest
  3. Hydrate your body
  4. Wash your hands.  Keep your fingers away from your nose and mouth.
  5. Take vitamin D, research shows that vitamin D deficiency may be the common link between deaths from any type of flu-swine or seasonal.  Add 2000iu per day to your diet and do your best to get 10minutes of sunlight on your skin per day.

At the onset of flu symptoms take:

  1. Homeopathic and herbal flu remedies work wonders by boosting your immune response, decreasing mucus in the lungs, and killing the virus.  We use the anti-viral triple play of Metal, Flu-tone, and temple guardian.  Metal is a combination spagyrically prepared herbal remedy that I personally formulated for its immune system benefits.  It is safe for children, pregnant and breast feeding women.  Flu-tone is a combination homeopathic remedy that is also gentle yet effective in treating viral symptoms.  Temple Guardian is a Chinese herbal remedy designed to work specifically on lung symptoms.  There is no flu that stands a chance against the triple play!
  2. Elderberry extract is a potent lung remedy that helps combat viruses.
  3. Oil of oregano is an aromatic oil that kills viruses on contact
  4. Vitamin C has been known to shorten the duration and severity of viral infections. According to Dr. Leo Galland, MD it is safe for children ages 5 - 10 to take up to 2,000mg per day and it is safe for adults to take 1,000 - 3,000 mg per hour. If your stools become loose, you will know that you have taken as much as your body can absorb for that day. Discontinue use until the following day.

Foods containing lots of calcium

Calcium Good or Bad?

The worldwide calcium supplement market is worth a whopping $3 billion a year.

Every day women all over the world take calcium tablets and capsules under the premise that they are doing something healthy for themselves. They are told by doctors and specialists calcium will prevent osteoporosis.

A study in the British Medical journal showed that calcium supplementation actually increases the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes in elderly women.

How could this be? Atherosclerosis is the progressive narrowing and hardening of the arteries due to calcium deposits in the lining of the arterial wall, and it is a precursor to cardiovascular disease.

How does the calcium get in the arterial walls? The typical diet that is high in protein, dairy, and phosphorus (from carbonated drinks) acidifies the body causing large amounts of calcium to be pulled from the bones and calcium supplements in order to offset the acid. The large amount of circulating calcium gets deposited in the arterial walls and forms atherosclerotic plaques which weaken the vascular system and increase the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes. A published report in the New England journal of medicine confirmed that the accumulation of calcium in coronary arteries was a better predictor of future heart attack or other heart issues than cholesterol, or other standard risk factors.

So, what's a person to do?

  • Step 1: add more vegetables and green food supplements to alkalinize your system.
  • Step 2: Your calcium supplement should be balanced with all the alkaline mineral cofactors like magnesium, boron, manganese, zinc and potassium. But most importantly you need to take vitamin K2. Numerous research studies have demonstrated that Vitamin K2 is a calcium transporter-carrying calcium to the bones.The studies go further to show that small amounts of K2 actually remove calcium from plaques in the arteries (improving your cardiovascular health) and deposits the calcium in the bones (improving your bone health).

And get this, Gouda and Edam cheese have high levels of K2. Taking a slice of these cheeses daily is good for your heart and bones! If Vitamin K2 is not part of your calcium supplement be sure to add K2 today! Your heart and bones depend on it!