Food For Thought!

Did you know that Fat-soluble vitamins are absorbed and stored differently than water- soluble vitamins? Fat- soluble nutrients are best absorbed when taken with a meal providing healthy fats. Healthy fats support brain health, hormone health and much more. Some of the “good for you” fats are grass-fed butter, coconut oil, avocadoes, nuts, seeds, olives, olive oil and fish.

Remember this health tip next time when you take your vitamins A, D, E or K!






Summer Fun!

Summer Fun!

Information guide to help you make the best sun screen protection decision for your family this summer!

Cheers to a healthier you!

dr. ingrid

Weight Loss Help: Could It Be Your Hormones?

 Weight Loss Help: Could It Be Your Hormones?

Congratulations to all those patients who have already started the hormone balancing program—way to go!

If you filled out the body quiz, and want to know more about what this program entails, Dr. Ingrid is offering free 15-minute phone consultations to answer all your questions. Ccall our office at 224.521.1212 to schedule your free consultation!

If you haven't already taken the body quiz,  want to learn about your body type and whether your hormones are affecting your weight loss, take the quiz!

You have nothing to lose but weight!

I Can't Lose Weight, Could it be my Hormones?

I can’t lose weight…could it be my hormones?


Hormones are chemical messages produced by the liver, thyroid, adrenals, and ovaries. If these glands aren’t operating well, hormonal imbalance occurs.  This imbalance can cause weight to accumulate around certain body parts—this is why we carry unwanted body weight in different places according to our own unique glandular weakness.

Thankfully, you can repair your metabolism. First, we identify the culprit—the root cause of your hormonal imbalance. Then, once we have identified your unique imbalance we can create a food and exercise plan that will help your hormones work with you and not against you.

Different body types need different solutions. Take the body quiz to find out what your body type is.Lose weight, feel great and enjoy lasting weight loss.

Lose weight, and feel great this spring!

Cheers to your hormonal health!

dr. ingrid

Are You Vitamin D Deficient?

Are You Vitamin D Deficient?

Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, plays an important role in many of the body’s processes. Vitamin D is produced by your skin in response to exposure to ultraviolet radiation from natural sunlight. It Is not only Important for our immune system, skeletal and nervous system health but for our overall mental health as well.

Vitamin D deficiency is very common these days, especially in colder climates.

Statistics show that:

  • 40% of the U.S. population is Vitamin D deficient.
  • 48% of young girls (9-11 years old) are Vitamin D deficient.
  • Up to 60% of all hospital patients are Vitamin D deficient.
  • Up to 80% of nursing home patients are Vitamin D deficient.

Are you vitamin D deficient?

If the dark winter days are keeping you down in the dumps you might want to have your Vitamin D levels checked.

Don’t know your Vitamin D levels? No problem…we can help  Call PureBalance at 224-521-1212.

To bring low Vitamin D levels up into a healthy range, you will need a little bit more than just sunlight. Add PureBalance Vitamin D to your routine and feel the difference it can make.

Let the sun kiss your face once in a while. Your Vitamin D levels will love you for it!

Cheers to a healthier you!

dr. ingrid

Time to Reset


A Unique Liver Detox Program


It is that time again…time to rejuvenate. Although I truly believe we should lead a lifestyle that supports our detoxification 365 days out of the year, most of us can still benefit from a reset.

Our Liver Rejuvenation program provides a reset, a starting point to reinvigorate our hormones, reset our energy, reorder our sleep, rejuvenate our digestion, and restore our focus.

This 2-week program, designed specifically for efficiency and ease, will optimize your liver function allowing you to normalize hormone balance. By cleansing and nourishing the liver, we optimize our fat burning hormones and enjoy weight loss as a result!  You will also benefit from increase in energy and focus, better and deeper sleep, and a general feeling of relaxation.

If you are ready to Rejuvenate sign up today! Call 224-521-1212.

The program includes:

An initial consultation with dr. Ingrid

Cheers to a healthier you!

dr. ingrid



De-stress During the Holidays!

I love the holiday season. But with all the parties, presents, and chaos comes stress.  If you are feeling less than thankful this year, I have a few quick and easy remedies in mind.

First, I'd suggest a 30-minute visit to our Far-infrared Sauna. Not only is this the best stress-busting bargain on the North Shore ($30 for 30 minutes), it also will relax and gently detoxify your body.

Just one relaxing twenty-minute session on the MindFit Neuro Trainer will reduce the effects of stress, and enhance your sense of health and wellbeing. Most people feel a difference after just one session on the MindFit Neuro Trainer, but for optimal results, try 4-5 sessions.

Acupuncture is another wonderful way to reduce your stress this season, while at the same time increasing your whole body energy.

Treat yourself to a relaxing massage. Our wonderful massage therapist, Clare, works the stress out of your tired muscles, preparing you for more holiday shopping.

We wish you and yours a very happy holiday season, and make sure to take some time for self-care during this hectic time of year!

Cheers to a healthier you!

dr. ingrid





Trick or Treats?

Trick or Treats

Many people want to stay healthy during the Halloween candy season, but have a difficult time finding good options that satisfy their sweet tooth and don’t break the bank. Preferably, we would all be eating organic, low sugar, preservative and flavoring free treats for Halloween, but this eliminates most easily available candies. I’ve provided a handy list of good, better, and best options for Halloween candy that will minimize negative health effects.  Another great option is to hand out homemade goodies like these Easy Chocolate Almond Butter Cups by PaleOMG.


Focus on gluten free candies, such as:

  • Hershey’s Kisses, Milk Chocolate
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  • Snickers Bar
  • Plain M and M’s


These choices are gluten free, and lower in artificial colorings and preservatives:

  • Raisinets
  • Snyder’s of Hanover Gluten Free Pretzels


These treats are gluten free, contain no artificial colorings and preservatives, and some are even organic:

  • Annie’s Homegrown Fruit Snacks
  • Enjoy Life Chocolate
  • Surf Sweets (all varieties
  • Raisins


Don't Worry, Be Healthy!

Don’t Worry, Be Healthy!

Your body is amazingly resilient. It can fight infection, digest foods it has never encountered before, and provide the adrenaline spurt needed to get away from a (hopefully imaginary) threat. But keeping your body healthy and resilient requires more than simply eating right and exercising. It also requires dealing with stress. Stress can have a major impact on our mental and physical health if we let it. And stress can build, adding to your load over a lifetime.

There are a great number of ways to deal with stress. Some of my favorites include slow, diaphragmatic breathing, yoga, and using the MindFit neuro trainer. One of the real benefits of using the Mindfit neuro trainer is the time required. In just a twenty minute session, the Mindfit neuro trainer will utilize light and sound technology to create an individualized program just for you, targeting your specific issues.

You’ll lie down on a comfortable massage table, and be fitted with high tech ear phones and next generation glasses which will help you overcome the ill effects of the fight-or-flight response. Thirty dollars a session gets you one step closer to a more relaxed, healthful you.

Click here for more information about this unique stress busting technique.

Cheers to a healthier you!

dr. ingrid


Does It Have to be Organic?

I am often asked the question ...Do I have to buy Organic fruits and vegetables?  

To make the best decision for my family I follow guidelines set by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). The EWG empowers people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment.

The EWG has put together a Shopper's Guide to help you make decisions on what to buy organic and where you could save your dollar.  They highlight the cleanest and dirtiest conventionally raised fruits and vegetables in two categories, “The Dirty Dozen” (highly recommended to purchase organic) and ”The Clean Fifteen” (okay to buy conventional).

Please find the link to the list attached; it will help you make better shopping decisions!

Happy shopping!

Cheers to a healthier you!

dr. ingrid