Health Assessment

The PureBalance Health Assessment Are you looking for a roadmap to health and wellness that is customized for your specific needs?

At PureBalance, we empower you to heal. Looking at your health profile as a whole and treating you as a whole person is part of this process. We do non-invasive diagnostic testing and provide you with the results you need to understand your blueprint of health.

Three of our top health assessments are part of the PureBalance Health Assessment:

  • The Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA),
  • the Complete Nutritional Blood Analysis (CNBA)
  • and the Fitness Assessment.

Each of these assessments allows us to:

  • Understand imbalances or toxicities in your body
  • Detect early indicators of serious health issues
  • Detect nutritional imbalances and your specific nutritional needs. Nutritional deficiencies and your specific nutritional needs
  • Identify metabolic issues and create effective personalized weight management programs
  • Determine your fitness level and your ideal exercise program


As your natural health practitioners, we work with you to create your best health and arm you with the information you need for long-term wellness.