Hormone Balance Protocol

Bringing balance to the hormone system can be a complicated task.

In our experiences all digestive issues take precedence over hormone issues.

Many times patients have visited us complaining of hormone related symptoms, and as their digestive system repaired itself the hormone related symptoms cleared up. That said many patients need support for their hormone system too, and the number one reason people need support for their hormone system is…Stress!


The pressure stress puts on your adrenal glands is typically the first hormonal imbalance that causes a cascade of symptoms.

The PureBalance Hormone Balance Protocol will naturally support adrenal health so your body can better manage stress. Our protocol will also support your sleep, healthy thyroid function and balance your progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone levels.

Determining where to start or how to balance your hormones successfully can be difficult, so if you are confused or have questions about what might be right for you, Drs. Bayne and Maes are available for consultation in person or by phone.

The PureBalance Hormone Balance Protocol Includes:

Hormone Support

Hormone imbalance can lead to mood swings, PMS, weight problems, fatigue and menstrual cramps.

 Sleep Support

Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep can take a huge toll on your body. It also is a form of stress that causes the body to deteriorate at a rapid pace. There are two main difficulties with sleep: an inability to fall asleep and/or an inability to stay asleep.

 Adrenal Support

Managing stress in a stressful world is not easy. Your adrenal glands become weak in response to chronic stress. This can lead to symptoms of fatigue, low blood pressure, lightheadedness, anxiety, fatigue upon waking, and depression.

 Thyroid Support

The thyroid gland is the conductor of the hormone symphony. Frequently the thyroid can be impacted by other hormone imbalances or toxicity issues. Support for the thyroid should always start with liver cleansing because it is the liver that activates your thyroid hormones. Thyroid specific support should be the last treatment option after all the other hormones have been balanced.

What You Can Do Now to Balance Your Hormones, Improve Your Sleep and Nourish Your Thyroid & Adrenals:


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