Phase 1 & Phase 2 Digestive Health Protocols

PureBalance Digestive Health Protocols

Combine a whole food eating plan with supplements designed to help you breakdown your food, absorb nutrients and ensure proper elimination of waste.


Digestive Health in Two Phases

At PureBalance, we have found that bringing your digestive health back into balance requires a phased approach. In most cases, you will be starting with a change in the foods you eat. This could include reducing processed foods and sugar and brining more healthy, whole foods into your diet. We will guide you through a protocol that is tailored for your unique situation and stage of digestive health.

These days, food alone does not give the brain and body results as quickly as we’d like. For example, if your digestion is impaired, it can be challenging to get the nutrients your body so desperately needs to feel good. The good news is, you can feel better and nourish your body faster with the aid of high quality, whole food supplements designed to deliver important nutrients that are easy to digest and assimilate.

The First Step is the Phase 1 Digestive Health Protocol:

The PureBalance phase 1 digestive health protocol included a healthy, whole food diet with whole food supplements to aid your digestion, boost your nutrients and help your body detoxify.

The key here is to nourish your body with foods that help your digestive tract heal, while at the same time, delivering easily digested and assimilated nutrients for wellbeing and brain health. In addition to the health of your bones, tissues and organs, your moods and memory are dependent upon important nutrients from your foods and supplements. PureBalance will guide you to a whole food nutrition protocol that will help you feel good again!

The Second Step is the Phase 2 Digestive Health Protocol:

Once we assess your health after the PureBalance phase 1 digestive health protocol, we will evaluate the nutrients your body still needs. During this phase, we will recommend dietary adjustments and identify nutritional deficiencies. We may also add some whole food green powder supplements to help alkalize your blood, support your best health and balance your gut flora with probiotics.

What You Can Do Now to Heal Your Digestion: