Omax3 Fish Oil



There are many fish-oils on the market, but only Omax3 contains the revolutionary 4:1 ratio of EPA to DHA, which Yale-affiliated research has shown to better resolve inflammation than any other combination of EPA and DHA*. With 1000 mg of omega-3s per soft gel, Omax3 Professional Strength is the most potent omega-3 supplement available. You would have to consume six to eight soft gels of other omega-3 supplements to get the same amount of omega-3 fatty acids you get in just two Omax3 Professional Strength soft gels.

Omax3 Professional Strength delivers 93.9% pure omega-3 content and greater value.

Some supplements may contain more than omega-3. And some of that “extra” content you could do without, such as saturated fats, including unwanted omega-6 fatty acids, and toxins like mercury, lead, and PCBs commonly found in fish. Omax3 Professional Strength attains exceptional purity through a double distillation process that eliminates these additional substances. Every batch of  OMAX3 Professional Strength is tested by an independent laboratory to ensure you are consuming the highest quality omega-3 supplements available.

OMAX3 Professional Strength is formulated specifically to address the inflammatory effects associated with a broad range of health conditions all in one easy to use formula.These conditions include:

  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Joint Pain
  • Cognitive Function
  • Supporting Healthy Mood
  • Other Inflammatory-based Conditions


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