PureBalance Whole Foods Diet & Nutrition Protocol

The first step to restoring your health is to reintroduce your body to real food.

What is real food?

Real food consists of organic fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains, grass fed meats and wild caught fish. These foods are fresh and never packaged with ingredients that you cannot pronounce. As you walk through your grocery or health food store these will be the foods found on the perimeter of the store. Not everything on the perimeter is healthy, but it is a good rule to live by.

Most supermarkets are filled with processed foods that are in boxes, cans and packages. These foods are full of chemicals to add flavor and increase shelf-life.

Most of the foods have been processed so much that they no longer contain the vitamins and minerals the original whole foods contained. They are also filled with sugars or sweeteners, like high fructose corn syrup. These highly addictive substances wreak havoc on your body.

We listen to commercials and advertisements that make us think that any food on the shelves in stores that is cheap and easy is OK to eat. This is not true. These foods actually work against your health, energy and longevity. At PureBalance, we encourage you to start choosing organic, whole foods that are free of chemicals so that your body can return to health. As the healing begins you will be amazed at how energized you will feel.

Real food makes a difference. The key to making this work in your busy life is easy healthy recipes that taste good.

At PureBalance, we will guide you toward the whole foods that will help your body heal. This is the first and most important step of our Health Restoration Program.

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