The PureBalance System Restoration Program (SRP)

The PureBalance System Restoration Program is the building and strengthening portion of the PureBalance Method. It is intended to nourish the organs and glands so they can regenerate and heal.

Cells make up the organs and glands, and the organs and glands make up the systems of the body. System Restoration is about restoring the function of the different systems of the body by focusing on strengthening the organs and glands.

Whole Food Nutrition – Your Optimal Eating Plan

The System Restoration Program (SRP) is designed to nourish the organs and glands of the body with whole food nutrition. The SRP includes a whole foods diet that re-introduces your body to real food. Our eating program is rich in organic fruits and vegetables, small amounts of sprouted grains, organic and grass fed meats, and wild caught fish. The eating plan is an important first step to ensure that the body is getting a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids necessary to nourish the organs and glands.

Your Digestive Health is Key

The SRP focuses on the digestive system. The whole food eating plan is combined with supplements designed to support the breakdown of food, the absorption of nutrients and ensure the proper elimination of waste. An optimally functioning digestive system allows all the other systems to have the proper nutrients necessary for regeneration and healing.

The combination of healthy eating and digestive based supplements creates a healthy intestinal terrain allowing beneficial bacteria to thrive, and pathogenic bacteria, viruses, yeast and fungi to be eradicated.

Reduce Inflammation & Balance Your Hormones

Once digestion is functioning optimally we shift our focus to controlling inflammation, and balancing hormones. These two steps often occur in conjunction because they are so closely related to each other. Once inflammation has come under control and hormone balance is restored the body is functioning optimally. At this point the focus shifts to maintaining the balance.

PureBalance System Restoration Program Protocols

PureBalance provides assessments, support, healthy eating nutritional plan and the best natural health products to give your body the extra support it needs to build and restore optimal health. Our Protocols include:

What You Can Do Now to Feel Your Best Again: