Welcome Marybeth Hughes-Lacy

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We are so excited to welcome Marybeth Hughes-Lacy to PureBalance! Marybeth has been assisting clients address their pain for over 20 years. She utilizes orthopedic massage, precision neuromuscular therapy and myofascial release. Using these modalities she determines which structures are implicated and works directly on them to facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal. According to Marybeth, “I frequently talk …

Micronutrient Testing 2

Micronutrient Testing

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Special Pricing One Day Only! Tuesday, December 11, 2018 9am – 12pm Thrive from the inside out: Learn how your nutrient status affects your mood, energy, weight, and overall health. Nutritional balance plays a key role in optimal wellness, chronic disease prevention, and managing the aging process. • Do you find yourself feeling stressed, tired and maybe a little depressed? • …

NEW at PureBalance!!!!!

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Transformation 360 Program The Transformation 360 is a weight loss program designed to teach you healthy eating habits for lifelong health. Transformation 360 is a unique weight loss program because it is based on functional medicine. The program identifies the root cause of the patient’s health challenge based on the results of the Wellness Questionnaire. The Wellness Questionnaire evaluates 15 …


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GIVE THE GIFT OF HEALTH THIS VALENTINE’S DAY! How about a gift certificate for your loved ones or that certain special person in your life? Try a Sauna/Powerplate package or our favorite combo package…Shake & Bake…a vibration plate work out followed with sauna time to optimize weightless, detoxification and lymphatic drainage. Call today! 224-521-1212 Cheers to a healthier you! dr. ingrid

Time to Reset

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LIVER REJUVENATION PROGRAM A Unique Liver Detox Program   It is that time again…time to rejuvenate. Although I truly believe we should lead a lifestyle that supports our detoxification 365 days out of the year, most of us can still benefit from a reset. Our Liver Rejuvenation program provides a reset, a starting point to reinvigorate our hormones, reset our …

Give the Gift of Health

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Give the gift of health this holiday season…the gift that keeps on giving!   Introducing PureBalance Health Bucks. PB Health Bucks can be used for services and products at PureBalance Natural Family Health Center. Need a massage to relax or sauna time to detoxify? Why not make an appointment with dr. ingrid or dr. Tom? Enjoy a Power plate workout …

Toxicity Assessment

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TOXICITY ASSESSMENT The Toxicity Assessment is designed to aid the practitioner in assessing the patient’s need for a Detoxification Program. SECTION I: SYMPTOMS Rate each of the following based upon your health profile for the last 90 days. Use this guide to circle the number of your answer to the following questions: 0 = Never 1 = Rarely 2 = …

Dr. Ingrid’s Vitality Restoration Program To Help You Shed Stubborn Weight

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This winter’s polar vortex and record snowfall was just the excuse needed to stay indoors where it was warm and cozy, and eat comfort food. But now that Spring is finally here, you may actually find yourself feeling stiff, sluggish, and overweight. Have you already attempted to diet and exercise, but failed to achieve your goals? Frustrated? The help you …

Gift of Health

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Give the gift of Health to a loved one this Valentines day. PureBalance Gift certificates available in any amount. When it comes to health, sharing is definitely caring…share PureBalance! PureBalance Health Center 1332 Waukegan Road Glenview, IL 60025 www.PBhealthcenter.com 224-521-1212 Forward to Friend Share Share

News for a Healthier U

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The Most Important Step You Can Take Now To Positively Improve Your Health  By Dr. Ingrid What’s the one resolution you can make in 2014 that will have the most positive and long-lasting impact on your overall health and well-being? I bet your first guess is diet. But what I’m about to tell you is 100 times more effective, and I guarantee …