Our New Detox Kit

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Detox Kit includes 6 of Our Finest Products MegaSpore Biotic Fish oil Borage oil PureLymph PureLiver Chlorella 1000 tabs The combination of products are designed to support you through the detoxification process. MegaSpore Biotic is the first pharmaceutical grade spore form probiotic. Research shows MegaSpore Biotic is a potent immune stimulator. MegaSpore Biotic is the first carotenoid producing probiotic which …

First of Their Kind Holistic Botanical Remedies For Healing Mind, Body & Spirit

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Spagyrics: Nature’s Best Botanical Medicine? Dr. Tom Bayne and Dr. Ingrid Maes applied their holistic health, detoxification and botanical medicine expertise to create a powerful line of botanical remedies. Spagyrics are based on the work of 16th century Swiss physician, Paracelsus, who pioneered the use of herbal and mineral-based natural medicines to purge the physical, emotional and spiritual toxins from …

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The PureBalance Method For Health & Healing

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Your body is a self healing organism that is not programmed to be sick. Your body was designed to be healthy. Sometimes the absence of disease is mistakenly referred to as being healthy. Why is it that so many people suffer from fatigue, depression and/or anxiety? What about all the people who complain of feeling bloated, gassy, constipated, or just …