Got Cellulite?

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Did you know that 8 out of 10 women have cellulite? Did you know that getting rid of cellulite requires addressing it externally as well as internally? Cellulite is a toxic body condition combined with edema and poor circulation. In order to permanently eliminate cellulite, you must start at the source and detoxify internally. Last week I sent out a toxicity assessment …

Top 10 Fruits & Vegetables Rich in Potassium

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10 top Fruits rich in potassium: Dried apricots Prunes Raisins Dates Dried figs Dried unsweetened coconut Avocados Bananas Kiwi Nectarines and peaches 10 top Vegetables rich in potassium: Sundried tomatoes Spinach Swiss chard (cooked) Mushrooms Sweet potatoes Kale (raw) Brussels sprouts Zucchini Green beans (snap) Asparagus