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GIVE THE GIFT OF HEALTH THIS VALENTINE’S DAY! How about a gift certificate for your loved ones or that certain special person in your life? Try a Sauna/Powerplate package or our favorite combo package…Shake & Bake…a vibration plate work out followed with sauna time to optimize weightless, detoxification and lymphatic drainage. Call today! 224-521-1212 Cheers to a healthier you! dr. ingrid

Optimal Fat Burning Workout!

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Perfect combination for Burning Fat and Enhancing Detoxification Although we have always known the benefits of the far-infrared sauna in our office we have recently had some great results using it in combination with the vibration plate. A 15-minute workout on the vibration plate followed by a 30 minute sauna is the perfect way to boost your metabolism.  It helps …

Midweek News You Can Use!

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I wanted to share a great testimonial from our patient Pat W.  regarding the New Weight Loss Program at PureBalance:  “I began following the Paleo program (grain-free eating) in 2012 when I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic.  Over the course of 9 months, I lost 67 pounds.  When the holidays rolled around at the end of 2013, I started eating sugar again, and …