Gift of Health this Holiday season!

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Give the Gift of Health this Holiday season! Looking for that special gift to show someone you care? Give the Gift of Health with a gift certificate at PureBalance Natural Family Health Center. a sauna session  nutritional supplements a patient visit a massage a comprehensive blood analysis nutritional counseling …. and so much more! The perfect time to support a …


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GIVE THE GIFT OF HEALTH THIS VALENTINE’S DAY! How about a gift certificate for your loved ones or that certain special person in your life? Try a Sauna/Powerplate package or our favorite combo package…Shake & Bake…a vibration plate work out followed with sauna time to optimize weightless, detoxification and lymphatic drainage. Call today! 224-521-1212 Cheers to a healthier you! dr. ingrid

Optimal Fat Burning Workout!

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Perfect combination for Burning Fat and Enhancing Detoxification Although we have always known the benefits of the far-infrared sauna in our office we have recently had some great results using it in combination with the vibration plate. A 15-minute workout on the vibration plate followed by a 30 minute sauna is the perfect way to boost your metabolism.  It helps …

Bounce Back Faster with Far-Infrared Sauna

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Far-Infrared Sauna (FIR) is an excellent way to boost your immune system and mobilize your body’s defenses against infection. FIR saunas are safer than traditional saunas because there are no hot surfaces or high temperatures. Less than 20 percent of the infrared energy heats the air, leaving 80 percent available to be directly converted to heat within the body. FIR …