A Weeks Worth of Workouts in Just Minutes!

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Whole Body Vibration   What’s your excuse for not exercising as often as you should? If you can’t find the time, we have a great solution for you–fit in a week’s worth of workouts in just minutes! One weekly 15-minute vibration plate workout session engages 95% of your muscle tissue by vibrating your body 30 times per second. That’s why …

Workout Recovery Smoothie

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Workout Recovery Smoothie  This fruit summer smoothie is a yummy and refreshing drink after a workout, and will help speed up your recovery! 1 cup raspberries 1 peach 1 small banana 1 cup coconut milk (preferably organic) 1 Tbsp PureBalance L-glutamine* 1 scoop PureBalance Slim Trim Whey Protein* *When ordering products, please be sure to use discount code: JULY10