Targeted Detoxification Therapy

Targeted Detoxification therapy (TDT) is the detoxification portion of the PureBalance Method

Our bodies are designed to deal with toxins. Detoxification pathways are in place so our bodies can effectively eliminate toxins. Challenges arise when these detoxification pathways get overloaded and toxins begin to accumulate in the body. Detoxification uses unique botanical medicines to specifically target each organ and gland to drain accumulated toxins.

Targeted Detoxification Therapy combines ancient philosophies and traditions with modern science, resulting in botanical extracts that promote the body’s self-healing capabilities.

The genesis of these formulas dates back nearly 500 years when a Swiss doctor named Paracelsus created botanical medicines that would not only heal the body, but also the mind and spirit. His observations and study of nature reaffirmed his belief that the root of all illness was a lack of balance, and when reconnected with the essences of nature, the body’s capacity to heal could be reawakened.

To capture the essential components of nature’s healing plants, Paracelsus developed an alchemical process known as spagyric.

What are Spagyrics?

The word spagyric comes from the Greek spao, which means taking apart, and ageiro which means uniting or joining together. The word itself refers to the method of preparation.

Paracelsus repeatedly stressed the importance of working with all three levels of the plant – physical, emotional and spiritual – as the best way to impact the corresponding levels in humans.

SpagyricsToday, PureBalance Botanicals uses 21st century technology to perfect the spagyric process. Our spagyric formulas are based on the theory of Five Elements, a cornerstone of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The 11 different formulas target the specific organs and glands associated with the five elements and drain them of toxins. This unique process makes the remedies more potent than standard homeopathic and botanical medicines, and allows a deeper and more profound healing of the body, mind and spirit.

Why are Spagyrics Unique?

Spagyric preparation is a unique process that allows the remedy to maximize all of the medicinal qualities of the plant, making them the most complete botanicals available. Each PureBalance botanical preparation is a perfect blend of the physical properties of the plant such as the essential oils, minerals, salts, and plant extracts combined with the subtle energetics of the plant. The result is a perfect Holistic medicine.

Our state of the art facility has GMP-producer recognition. All of our raw materials are organically cultivated or naturally wildcrafted. The raw materials are analysed for the presence of bacteria, toxic metals, molds, and radioactivity based on rigorous standards and stringent controls.

PureBalance Spagyrics are the fusion of science and spirit, and the future of botanical medicines for healing the mind, body and spirit.

What You Can Do Now to Help Your Body Heal and Detoxify: