The PureBalance Method

The PBM is a program designed to restore and maintain health.

PBM consists of two separate and distinct parts. The System Restoration Program is the building and strengthening portion of the plan while Targeted Detoxification Therapy is the drainage and detoxification component. Organs and glands make up the systems in the body (digestive, immune, nervous etc.). PBM works by feeding the organs and glands while opening up their elimination pathways to bring balance to the systems of the body. When the organs and glands are functioning optimally the systems of the body work in harmony.

  1. System Restoration Program (SRP) is a program designed to nourish our organs and glands; it is the building portion of the PBM. The SRP includes a healthy eating plan combined with whole food nutritional supplements.The digestive system is the first system to be evaluated. Our experience has been that digestive issues take precedent over all other system imbalances. Only when balance is restored to the digestive system can the restoration program shift its focus to balancing other systems in the body.
  2. Targeted Detoxification therapy (TDT) is the detoxification portion of the PBM. Our bodies are designed to deal with toxins. Detoxification pathways are in place so our bodies can effectively eliminate toxins. Challenges arise when these detoxification pathways get overloaded and toxins begin to accumulate in the body.Today our bodies are faced with an increased level of toxins from the environment we live in, the foods we eat, and the emotions we experience. This overload interferes with normal organ and gland function. TDT is used to purge the physical, emotional, and spiritual toxins from the organs and glands of the body.

The PBM combines SRP and TDT to simultaneously purge the organs and glands while providing the nutrient support they need to heal and regenerate. PBM supports the organs and glands by enhancing their two basic functions- detoxification and nutrient uptake. This leads to system balance and health!