Do you want to take a proactive approach to creating long-term breast health?

Do you want a non-invasive way to determine your breast health AND a comprehensive program aimed at preventing breast tissue from degenerating?

The Comprehensive Breast Health Assessment is for all women who believe that prevention is the best cure. Breast disease is a systemic disease that manifests in the breasts and is characterized by multiple organ and system dysfunctions, including immune deficiency, diminished detoxification capacity, and vascular abnormalities. It is not enough to simply monitor the possible presence of breast disease annually.

Creating a Proactive Plan

Instead, Breast Thermography shifts your mindset from breast disease to breast health by creating a proactive plan tailored to your breast health needs. Detection of breast disease is not a perfect science, and while no technology is 100% accurate, breast thermography is an effective, non-invasive diagnostic technology that can detect breast abnormalities up to 10 years prior to diagnosable degenerative changes.

Who Should Get Breast Thermography?

  • Women who want to proactively create breast health. Breast thermography is the only technology that determines future risk of breast tissue degeneration, so that preventative measures can be taken.
  • Women with hormone imbalances. Breast thermography can detect if you have estrogen dominance in your breasts so that steps can be taken to balance your hormones.
  • Young women who want a baseline screening. Since breast thermography is a sensitive and non-invasive screening, it can be used with regular breast check ups, starting at the age of 20. You no longer have to wait until it may be too late to create breast health.

PureBalance Health Center is the only clinic to offer the Comprehensive Breast Health Assessment, which combines two of the most effective technologies aimed at early detection:

  • Digital-infrared thermography – the most sensitive technology to identify breast abnormalities.
  • Computer-regulated thermography (CRT) – comprehensive identification of underlying systemic imbalances associated with breast disease.

With these two effective technologies, Dr. Ingrid Maes provides you with a comprehensive customized breast health program.

Do I Still Need to Get a Mammography?

Thermography does not take the place of mammography, rather it should be part of a comprehensive breast health evaluation that can detect functional imbalances in the breasts that precede breast disease.

Thermograms are especially useful for women with fibrous breasts, and for women from the ages of 20-50 whose breasts tend to be denser, making it difficult to identify early degenerative changes with mammograms.